The ultimate Christmas app that enables you to spy on friendly Elves and Santa!


Q. Why Can’t I find Santa Spy Cam in the App Store?

It’s there! Here’s the link:

Q. Is there an iPad version of Santa Spy Cam?  If so, why can’t I find it?

There is! We designed the iPhone version to scale beautifully on iPad screens. Simply download the iPhone version. Santa Spy Cam is not yet listed in the iPad section of iTunes.

Q. How do I restore Purchases I have already made after I load the SSC app update?

After loading SSC app update, touch the ‘GEAR’ icon on the top left corner of the ‘Start Spying’ screen, then press the ‘RESTORE PURCHASES’ button on the bottom left corner after the controls panel window slides open. The message “RESTORING…” should appear briefly while SSC app is restoring your previous purchases.

Q. Why does it take so long to load a scene or to process a scene?

SSC is a powerful app that fuses high quality video overlays and audio to your still image. Freeing up your memory by deleting old apps, photos and videos will enhance performance. For best SSC app performance, a good Wi-Fi connection is highly recommended. Some public Wi-Fi connections will not allow large downloadable files. To further improve SSC app performance, you should close all other apps you are not currently using.  (Please note app close instructions below.)

Q. Can I preview the scenes before purchasing them?

We simply could not load anymore video into the app or it would have been too large a download, exceeding Apple’s maximum file size. However, you can view a sample of all of the scenes here:

Q. What are “BUNDLES” and why should I consider them?

The bundled packages contain multiple scenes, found by touching the red button at the top of the main scene menu. You can unlock all scenes listed in the bundle for one, discounted price. Many parents purchase the bundles and “plan out” their SSC experience. Each purchased scene in a bundle will be downloaded the first time it is used.  The Apple iTunes Store will request confirmation to download the selected scene for free as you have already paid for it by purchasing the bundle.  Individual scene purchases are not pro-rated if you previously bought a scene that is included in a bundle you purchase later.

Q. What is the “Seven Nights Before Christmas” story?

To integrate the SSC experience into bedtime reading, consider purchasing the “Seven Nights Before Christmas” bundle, which matches the story found on After a story section is read on each of the seven nights before Christmas, you can make that scene come true using the SSC app.

Q. What are the “SURPRISES LEFT BEHIND” scenes all about?

The “Surprises Left Behind” scenes are designed to make the experience even more immersive when you replicate the item left behind by the elves. For example, the “Present Drop” scene allows you to reproduce the small, gold gift box and place a surprise or gift inside. Other scenes, like “Note Drop”, use a common household item, like a white sheet of paper.

Q. I made a video. How do I save it?

To save your videos to your camera roll, after processing is complete, touch the “SHARE” button on the right side of the screen. Below the 3 share buttons you will see the words “SAVE TO CAMERA ROLL” – touch this and your video will be saved to your camera roll, provided you have enough memory.

Q. How can I make my scenes look better?

Before and after shooting a picture, you can move, scale and flip the red action box to fine-tune your scene before pressing the “AWESOME” check box to process it. For example, the “Peek-A-Boo” scene requires that you line up the elf entrance to a vertical object, like a door frame or a picture. On the “Dropping In” scene, the red box must be lined up to the top of your screen so the ropes aren’t cut off. Take your time to create the most believable scenes possible. Sometimes you may want to re-arrange objects on a table or take a few steps back to make a scene look amazingly real. Also, if you have significant lighting differences between your background environment and the video, consider turning the “FILTER” ON (small button above the Shoot Screen). This will smooth out the lighting differences.

Q. Any tips on using the two outdoor Santa scenes?

The “Sleigh Landing” and “Sleigh Takeoff” scenes are designed to be used outdoors with your house as the backdrop. Try to shoot your scene just before dusk when there is more natural light. Pay close attention to the path of the action and edges of red action box.

Q. Why are there only three free scenes?

Santa Spy Cam was created to give parents a powerful tool to create magical Christmas moments for their children. It is not a “high volume” utility to create hundreds of videos, but rather, an experience that ought to be well-planned and considered. As with all of the scenes, the three free scenes can be used as many times as you wish. With a little creativity and using the “flip” function, these scenes can be used to create several sightings. Purchasing a few $0.99 (USD) scenes can extend the magic. And of course, many parents have opted to purchase bundled packages of scenes for an even more immersive SSC experience. We think that any amount you are comfortable with will likely be the best money you spend on Christmas!

Q. How can I keep my kids from seeing how the app works?

Completely close SSC app after each use. This keeps the Candy Cane SecurityTM feature enabled. (Please note app close instructions below). Keep in mind, the child security features in Santa Spy Cam are only a deterrent. We recommend hiding the SSC app icon in a folder with other apps that your kids aren’t interested in.

Q. How do I close down the SSC app so the security features are enabled?

It is highly recommended that you close down the SSC app after each use so that the candy cane security feature (only a deterrent) remains enabled. Here’s how:

iOS 7

  1. 1. Click home button to return to home screen.
  2. 2. Double click home button. Display will show small window at bottom of screen with icons of all apps currently running.
  3. 3. “Swipe app display up and away” to close app(s).
  4. 4. Click home button to return to home page.

 iOS 6.1

  1. 1. Click home button to return to home screen.
  2. 2. Double click home button. Display will show small window at bottom of screen with icons of all apps currently running.
  3. 3. Press and hold any icon for 2+ seconds. All icons will start wiggling and have red close ball on top left corner.
  4. 4. Touch red ball to close app(s).
  5. 5. Touch main screen to return to home page.

Q. Can I get additional help?

For additional help please send us an email to Please include the device you are using, what version of operating system you have and a detailed description of the issue you are having. Grandpa Jim will help you sort it out!