The ultimate Christmas app that enables you to spy on friendly Elves and Santa!

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Santa Spy Cam Story

Approved by The North Pole Clandestine Services Bureau!

Santa’s Elves are so very very hard to find
We never see them, are they only in our mind?

We know Santa will only come when you’re sleeping
That’s one of many golden rules, he’s always keeping

And all of Santa’s little Elves are so very crafty and fast
If you look towards them, they will have already passed

So how can we see them, are they really really there?
So one special elf had an idea how to take a video and share

This elf, unlike the others thought Elves and Santa you should see
He thought and he thought how could he make this thing be

He tried and he tried and it wouldn’t do what it should
So after long years of trials he almost quit for good

A North Pole Clandestine Service Bureau Elf was asked to step in
And Santa gave his approval with his jolly ol’ grin

Santa ordered the App sent to his magical Workshop
Santa said it needed a little work to make it tip top

Santa would allow the Spy Cam to work if the videos were short
And never video Santa placing toys under the tree of any sort

And of course night vision must be built into this App
It must see Elves and Santa when you’re sleeping or taking a nap

Elves worked so very hard on the App every day and night
Finally Santa’s stamp of approval, and Elves rejoiced in delight

This magical App finds Elves and Santa by just being near
It’s always on guard, waiting to video when they appear

So now you too can make an Elf or Santa video and share
Simply download Santa Spy Cam, then set your device anywhere